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Stephen is a talented and versatile musician hailing from Toronto, Canada. As a singer-songwriter, producer, and film composer, he has a diverse range of skills and a unique style that incorporates elements of retro and rock with a distinctively alternative flair. Over the course of his career, Stephen has released four solo albums: "Make Reality Better" (2013), "You Cry" (2014), "Cosmic Evolution" (2018), and "Butterfly" (2022). In addition to his solo work, he has also composed the soundtracks for two films: "Nova Seed" (2017) and "Empress of Darkness" (2020). All of his work is self-written, arranged, and produced, showcasing his impressive creative range and artistic vision.

"I give props to Stephen Verrall for trying something different with this score; there are so many electronic sound effects and pieces and he combines them in a way that rarely sounds like something I’ve heard before...“Nova seed” is one of the more interesting and varied electronic scores you’ll hear this year. Alert and retro to the bone, fascinating as a journey for a fan like me, it’s an electronic fun fair from which you can just choose your favourite rides."


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